Visiting Arcevia tasting typical popular dishes

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Visiting Arcevia tasting typical popular dishes

Validità dal  29/9/2014 al 29/9/2015

Typical cuisine in Arcevia in the month of October.  

Visiting Arcevia tasting typical dishes of popular tradition of Marche Region Italy.

On the Sundays of 21 and 28 October, Arcevia will be the scene of an importantevent: an opportunity to taste the main courses of the most delicious popularitalian culinary tradition of the Marche.

The protagonists are some restaurants and farmhouses in and around Arcevia.

Walking through the beautiful village of Arcevia Marchevisitors and touristscan taste various types of pasta and typicity, more than forty main coursesmade of wheat flour and semolina, mays ottofile, beans, grass peas, spelled, barley, chickpeas, chestnuts, kamut.

The initiative will be accompanied by folkcultural events and tours of Arcevia.

Arcevia is waiting for you. An opportunity to discover Arcevia and the wonderfulregion of Marche. the travel guide for your holiday in Marche Region of Italy