Osimo and the Cathedral of San Leopardo

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Osimo and the Cathedral of San Leopardo

Validità dal  15/10/2014 al 15/10/2015

Osimo beautiful city of art in the Marches in the famous land of Riviera del Conero.

Tourists visiting its old town can come across the mysterious Duomo di San leopardo.

The visitor is immediately impressed by its entrance, its Gothic portal, rich in symbolism.

Among the theriomorphic figures present, there are two snakes that frame the portal of the east side of the cathedral.

According to some historians, all this symbology on the portal of the cathedral of Osimo, hides an esoteric message … in stone.

Of particular importance for the history and the Christian faith is the local wooden crucifix exhibited in the cathedral, dating from the time of Bishop Gentile: traditions narrate that in 1797 many people have seen the eyes of the crucifix; hence the solemn festivity celebrated every year on July 2.

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